June 4, 2010

Where does my fuel come from?

This morning, as I pulled into the office parking lot, I realized that I forgot to pick up new coffee yesterday. This is no good. We are completely out. There's not even an old filter full of grounds left in the machine that I can attempt to recycle - disgusting as that would be sometimes you do what you have to do to get caffeine.

This got me thinking. I wish I felt that way about spending time with Jesus, reading the scripture, sitting in quiet prayer, listening, talking, seeking. How is it that I have been awake less than 3 hours today and my constant thought has been about the empty coffee mug on my desk and it wasn't until a few minutes ago that I realized I haven't picked up my bible or said even a prayer-in-passing this morning. Sounds like it's time for an adjustment.

*Confession: I'm hoping this adjustment can be made without giving up coffee. I'll keep you posted.

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