March 23, 2011

Just in time

This weekend we're heading to Nashville to visit some fabulous friends and have our engagement pictures taken. I ordered this little navy dress and some similar mustard colored shoes for the occasion. I was worried that they wouldn't get here in time, but they made it!

Now to figure out what else I need to pack....

Chalkboards & Spices

I'm brainstorming about fun things to do to add a little character to the kitchen. I like the idea of a DIY project and I've recently stumbled upon some awesome ideas for chalkboard paint.

I love this.
I adore this.
There's a small space above the butcher block and below the pot rack in the kitchen that is just begging to be snazzed up.  Did you know that they make magnetic chalkboard paint?!?!!? We've registered for these cool magnetic spice jars and I'm thinking something awesome is in the works!

March 21, 2011

A Woman's Touch

Shortly after I had this beautiful diamond ring on my finger I started making myself a little more at home in my fiancés house. Usually, when I'd help him straighten up his space before people came over I'd just do a little dusting here, a little pile straightening there, nothing extensive, nothing game-changing.

The weekend after our engagement the shift began. I was dusting in the living room and moved some books from here to there, found a new home for a picture frame, altered the angle on some stereo speakers. Little things.  When I was finished I went into the kitchen where he was cooking up a yummy meal and his roommate was leaning against the counter eating Raisin Bran. I told him that I may or may not have moved a few things around. He looked at me a bit aghast and, as his roommate noted that he knew this day was coming, said "Have you been holding back with the organizing!?!? Don't hold back! Organize!" While I was relieved, I shouldn't have been surprised. One of the first things that he invited me to do back when we were figuring out this whole dating game was to come over and organize his kitchen.
Our dishtowels

Now, I'm full of ideas for little touches here and there. We recently picked out new flooring for the kitchen and between that and registering for pretty kitchen towels, I can't wait to move in this October.

March 19, 2011

Spring Flowers

Spring makes me think of flowers and, currently, flowers make me think of wedding bouquets.

I am in love with this bridesmaids' bouquet:

March 18, 2011

Slow. Simple. Intentional.

Life is busy. I think it's the word I use more often to answer the ever-dreaded question "So, how are you?" The strange thing is when people ask me what's keeping me so busy it's hard to tell them. It boils down to life. My life is busy. I feel like I'm rushing from place to place, work to home to work again with few precious moments to stop, take a breathe and enjoy the moment. I feel like I've been swept away and caught up in a strong current, landing where the river puts me instead of being intentional with my time.

A friend recently shared this article with me and I think that Margie describes the very tension I've been feeling in yearning for a slower life. Go ahead, take a minute. Read it. It's beautiful.

I was just talking to Justin the other day about our breakfast eating habits. He takes the time to make himself a breakfast meal most days. Scramble some eggs. Make toast. French-press some coffee. Sit. Read. Eat. He says it's part of his life strategy to slow down a bit. I, however, have always been the opposite. My coffee maker is on a timer and brews while I'm in the shower. I pour my to-go mug and grab a granola bar on my way out the door. I either eat lunch at my desk or run errands and eat in the car. But, when I picture the life I would like to have in my head it's not like that. It's not rushed. There is time. Time to read. Time to cook. Time to nap, garden and be. Time for friends to stop in for dinner. Time to pause and really listen when I run into a friend unexpectedly. I want a slower life. Less rush, less stuff. More people. More room to live in.

March 17, 2011

Hess Babes

My paternal grandma was something else. Hester Addie Dover - everyone called her Hess-Babes - was an Irish lady who literally painted her front door green. She lived in Dogtown (a typically Irish St. Louis neighborhood) and salted her potato chips. She burned grilled cheese and fried almost everything in bacon grease. Cauliflower has forever been ruined for me because of her classic cauliflower and cheese whiz dish.

I'm not sure what any of these qualities has to do with being Irish, but for me they are all wrapped up into one and when I picture her in my head she's wearing her green sweat pants, white sweatshirt and a giant leprechaun broach. I like to think that I get my love of all things salty and the color green from her. She'd be so pleased that I'm marrying an Irishman. Today is her holiday. St. Patrick's Day. I'll be eating some Salt & Vinegar chips and wearing green in her honor.

March 15, 2011

What a difference a year makes

One year ago today I carpooled with one of my co-workers to an evening meeting out in the county. The 30 minute drive was full of banter about life and movies. I hated the movie The Royal Tenenbaums, he loves it. We stopped for smoothies. He asked me to come over for dinner on St. Patrick's Day. I started looking at him in a whole new light.

One year later and we're planning our wedding.

Also, I've been reformed. The Royal Tenenbaums, does, in fact, get better the more you watch it.

Anyone want to grab some cheeseburgers and hit the cemetery?

March 14, 2011


It's been one of those weeks. And I'm trying not to whine. I'm probably going to whine a little bit anyway. Who am I kidding? This post is one giant whine-fest. Heads up: this will be gross.

Last Friday I found this growing on my bedroom wall behind a dresser:


My landlord came over and tried to clean it up. My wonderful fiancé built be a containment area so that the spores couldn't get to me. I started sleeping on the couch.

I kept sleeping on the couch. A few days passed. I ventured into the containment area to inspect. I looked closely, a few new bumps. Was that there before? Not sure. The plastic from the containment was coming down on it's own already, so I finished the job and cleaned with all sorts of fabulous cleaning products. I rejoiced at the idea of sleeping in my bed again.

And then...I found this.

New mold under the window sill. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Back to the couch I went. This time, only for one night because I packed up Ike and we set out for safer ground. Ike is spending some quality time in his future home. I'm staying on my old roommate's couch. (Her couch is WAY comfier than mine for sleeping.)

I'm really blessed to have a fiancé who takes care of my puppy and good friends who let me sleep and breathe in their non-moldy air. In the end, it will be just fine. But for right now, ew.

Also, today it snowed. SNOWED. My coat is at home with the spores. Boo.