April 29, 2011

A Royal Morning

It's not often that my alarm clock goes off before 5am and it's an even rarer occurrence that I get out of bed without grumbling when it does. But, this morning, the royal wedding had be brewing a pot of coffee before the sun came up. My friend and soon-to-be neighbor, Kara, joined me to ooo and ahhh over the hats and dresses.

Our wedding day is drawing closer by the minute and I can hardly wait. This morning while I was watching I couldn't help but make a few comparisons between the royal event and our plans for this fall. I didn't find too much in common. Our wedding won't involve heads of state or carriage rides through London, but it will be wonderful and beautiful and real. But...maybe we could arrange for some hats, because, let's face it. Those hats were fantastic!

If only I had a place to wear this. Gorgeous!

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