December 11, 2009

Weird. Wonderful.

Yesterday afternoon my best friend gave birth to her second son. Two boys. The girl I used to TP houses with in the middle of the night is now a mother of two. It's weird. It's wonderful. Seeing her surrounded by her family was remarkable. It sparked of the things that make my faith in God burn brighter.

In this season of advent I've been spending time letting my mind dwell in the idea of the incarnation. What a radical idea. God. The one true God. He came down from heaven and was born of the virgin, Mary. He was born as a small fragile baby. He was all at once the most vulnerable of humans and the all powerful God of the universe. As I stood in a small hospital room last night holding a fresh baby boy, barely six hours old, I was struck by the awe and wonder of it all. We were standing around gazing at a baby boy, full of joy and hope for the future. Just a few thousand years ago Mary and Joseph where in that moment. Their new son. Incredible joy from holding their healthy baby in their arms. I wonder how much they understood that He was the hope of the world.

He is my hope and my joy. He is my saviour who was born a baby and walked the earth. He lived the perfect life I could never live and conquered death so that I might live forever with Him in His Father's house.

O King of all nations, Jesus Christ,
only joy of every heart,
come and save your people.

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