May 11, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about community over the past few months, years, lifetime. There is this craving in my heart, my life to be a part of something bigger. I think it's part of what points me to Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit. We are called as the body of Christ, his church. I'm not called all alone to live life just as good as I can muster up to be until someday I scrape across the line and into heaven. There is so much more life to live. There is so much good news to tell. There's a story and we're in the middle of it, all of us together.

This is a video from Soma Communities. Watch it. It was life changing for me. One of their pastors, Caesar  Kalinowski, came to visit our church this week and we had the incredible honor of getting to talk to him about the Gospel and community, about living on mission and making disciples. My heart has never been more broken for community nor have I ever been so hopeful. The church and life and community as I've always dreamed that they could be has never seemed so far or so close.

Soma Communities - Tacoma, WA from Verge Network on Vimeo.

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  1. M:StL won! Thanks to all of you who voted. The new truck will make a HUGE difference to them and to the families they serve in St. Louis.