October 9, 2011

Day 6: Childhood memory

My Grandma & Grandpa Mueller's house as it is today.
So much of my life is wrapped up in a single St. Louis neighborhood - Dogtown. My dad grew up here. All of his stories are on these streets and in the houses and church that line them. Every Christmas Eve from the year I was born until I was in fifth grade was spent in my grandma Hester's tiny little house on West Park Avenue and falling asleep next to her in a pew at St. James' the Greater midnight mass. We hunted for Easter eggs in the back yard. My cousin, Meghan, and I played office in the dugout basement. We wrestled with Grandpa in the backyard.

My brother & I with Grandma Hessbabes on Easter
 in front of the same house. She always kept the front
porch painted green in honor of our Irish heritage.
Now, I'm thirty years old and my life in coming into a full circle. My husband-to-be lives in Dogtown and I'm moving into the house in just 14 days. We'll have our first home here and maybe our kids will tell stories that revolve around the same neighborhood landmark that my dad's do. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Me & Grandma

Me riding my "big-girl" bike in the backyard.
That's Grandpa in the back and you can
catch a glimpse of their dog Pepper at the bottom.

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