March 17, 2011

Hess Babes

My paternal grandma was something else. Hester Addie Dover - everyone called her Hess-Babes - was an Irish lady who literally painted her front door green. She lived in Dogtown (a typically Irish St. Louis neighborhood) and salted her potato chips. She burned grilled cheese and fried almost everything in bacon grease. Cauliflower has forever been ruined for me because of her classic cauliflower and cheese whiz dish.

I'm not sure what any of these qualities has to do with being Irish, but for me they are all wrapped up into one and when I picture her in my head she's wearing her green sweat pants, white sweatshirt and a giant leprechaun broach. I like to think that I get my love of all things salty and the color green from her. She'd be so pleased that I'm marrying an Irishman. Today is her holiday. St. Patrick's Day. I'll be eating some Salt & Vinegar chips and wearing green in her honor.

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