December 9, 2011

Blueberry Crumb Bars

I love blueberries and I'm always sad when their season is over. Luckily, they sell bags of frozen blueberries at Aldi for a pretty reasonable price. I had to make a dish for a potluck brunch after church recently and had a hankering for something blueberry-y and lemon-y.

As per usual, I checked out my sister-in-law's blog - The Sweets Life - for inspiration and found her post on Blueberry Crumb Bars adapted from The Smitten Kitchen and I was sold. This was quick and easy to throw together and stick in the oven while I was getting ready for church. It travelled well and, if the empty dish we brought home was any indicator, a big hit.

Recipe Notes: I made a double batch from Natalie's instructions (single batch according to the Smitten Kitchen). I subbed two small bags of Aldi frozen blueberries for the fresh ones and was generous with the cornstarch since the frozen berries are a little waterier than fresh.


  1. Questions -

    1. How much cornstarch did you use (roughly)?
    2. Did it come out more bar-like or crisp/cobbler-like?

    As you can see, I'm interested. :-)

  2. so glad you liked these! can't go wrong with smitten kitchen, ever! :)

  3. Mar - I did about 4 heaping teaspoons of cornstarch then mixed the berries a bit. I may have sprinkled a bit more on top if it was too juicy but I can't remember. They were a little cobbler-y because I didn't have time to let them cool all the way, but I think if I'd had the patience to let them rest until completely cooled they would have been more bar-like. They are super yummy!