October 8, 2010


Two certain someones just found out about this little corner of cyberspace and, I'll admit, I was a little nervous at first. This is the place where my thoughts are most likely to be uncensored. Yipes. Oh well, they know me and love me anyway.

One of them even stopped by the office today with a surprise bag of 'Get Better' (I have a little bit of a cold). Not only does he know that I love school supplies, but managed to cater to three of my other big loves: soda, cheese and chocolate.

This fancy-shmancy soda from Dry Soda in Juniper Berry flavor was a delight. Light, bubbly, refreshing. Don't get me wrong, my Dr. Pepper isn't going anywhere, but this could become an occasional favorite. The Seattle-based company has set out to "re-imagine what soda can be: better tasting and better for you." They use all natural ingredients and keep the sugar to a minimum. I'm on board with anyone who can get soda into a health food category (or closer to one anyway).

And chocolate. Do I really have to explain to you why I love chocolate? I didn't think so. This chocolate is special because it's from Iceland. I know, right? Who knew? I tell you, they know something about their chocolate over there, though. You can find Noi Sirius chocolate at Whole Foods. Today I'm indulging in the Semi-Sweet variety, but I've also had the dark and it's tasty, too.

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