February 11, 2011

Here's the Story

Winter has been long and cold and snowy. Last week was no exception. Justin and I spent a good chunk of the week trapped in our respective homes. By Wednesday cabin fever had officially set in. Justin mentioned that maybe we should go out on Friday night on a regular old-fashioned date night. A great idea. He suggested the St. Louis Art Museum, a favorite spot for us on Friday evenings because all of the exhibits have free admission. Also, I had a coupon for a local restaurant that we've been trying to use for quite some time, but haven't been able to get in (there's always too long of a wait). So, we settled on the Art Museum and a late dinner.

All day on Friday I was looking forward to the evening. That afternoon I talked to him, as usual, and he mentioned that he was going to go home and change before he came to pick me up. I was a little confused because I thought our evening would be very casual, but he somehow convinced me that the restaurant we were going to was a little dressier (it isn't really). But, without creating suspicion, he got me to get classed up for our night on the town.

When he picked me up, he told me he had picked up a little present for me that afternoon. Now, this isn't uncommon. Justin is a gift-giver. I was pleasantly surprised when I found a super cool porcelain travel coffee mug from Kaldi's on my car seat. Even though I'm a huge coffee fan I've never had a travel mug of my own (just one that I nicked from the Lost & Found at church...). It was a great gift and I loved it. And, immediately, I thought "It's not engagement night. No one gets a travel mug on engagement night." Score one for decoy gifts.

I settled in for a lovely old-fashioned date night with my man.

We arrived at the Art Museum and it was a beautiful night. Freezing, yes, but still beautiful.  It happened to be a week in between special exhibits so the museum was pretty empty and we had many of the rooms to ourselves. We spent a little while wondering around and eventually ended up back in the Portrait Gallery on the first floor. It's probably my favorite room in the museum. It's painted a gorgeous blue color and makes me feel like I'm in a gallery in Paris. After a few minutes, though, I was ready to move on and started to walk from the room. Justin pulled me back and suggested we stay in the Portrait Gallery a little longer.

Then he started saying the most beautiful things and before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to do him the honor of being his wife. I couldn't believe it! Of course, I said yes - even before he could get the ring box open. In the end, he had to slip the ring on my finger because I was shaking too much to do it myself. All I can say is - JOY! I cannot wait to marry him and spend my life with him. Just after he proposed two girls walked into the room and I got them to snap this picture of us. A wonderful moment captured forever.

Old-fashioned date night turned into a perfect evening! Next, he took me to my favorite French restaurant, Chez Leon, for an incredibly tasty and romantic meal - complete with red roses and champagne with dessert. Then it was off to Taste for after dinner drinks. I couldn't have dreamed of a better evening spent with my future husband.

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  1. I am so happy those girls walked in right after he proposed! That smile on your face makes my eyes fill with good tears.