June 14, 2011

Flag Day

Every kid has a favorite song. My brother's was Frosty the Snowman. My mother sang it almost every night for about seven years.

When I was a little my favorite nighttime, daytime, really, anytime song was.... You're A Grand Old Flag. That's right. I loved it. My mother is basically a saint. Year round, rain or shine, winter or summer, Fourth of July, Flag Day or Christmas she sang Frosty the Snowman and You're A Grand Old Flag nightly.

Today is Flag Day. I love Flag Day because it gives my grown up self a decent excuse to sing my favorite song.

You're a grand old flag
You're a high flying flag
and forever in peace may you wave...

Also....it's the one-year anniversary of the day I officially started dating the love of my life. Today is a doubly good day.

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