June 9, 2011

Hello Tomatoes. Goodbye Ranunculus.

Remember way back in April when we did all that yard work? We planted blueberries, roses, okra, tomatoes and even some okra? That was insane. But, I'm glad we did it because the garden is taking off. Well, most of it. The part of it that Justin worked so hard on is thriving. My little plant, the Ranunculus, is dead. May it rest in peace. It's been replaced by this nice purple plant whose name I can't remember, but this plant is lucky because it was potted by Justin so she has a decent shot at making it.

Check out our tomatoes! I cannot wait for July (apparently they aren't full grown until then...although I'm still praying for a June miracle). I can almost taste the homemade wheat bread and garden fresh tomatoes on juicy BLT sandwiches. Divine.

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