August 11, 2011

Three. Oh.

My younger brother has been sending me thirtieth birthday cards for the last four years - ever since my 26th birthday. He figured he might as well round up. Well, that was until he turned 26 last year and I returned the favor. Then he reconsidered - perhaps being in your late twenties really is a thing - he finally decided.

Today I really turn thirty. It's a big day. I feel like somehow, magically, today I should be a grown up. I remember my mom's thirtieth birthday - she taught me to ride my big kid, two wheel bike in the school parking lot. I can't believe that I'm as old now as my mom was then. I can only hope that I am as kind and generous as she was, too.

My twenties turned out to be pretty great. Here's looking forward to the beginning of a fabulous new decade!

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