January 10, 2011


This weekend I got to hang out with Natalie from TheSweetsLife.com. She's a pretty big deal. Do you read her food blog? You should. She makes fun and sometimes fancy-feeling food but with things you can mostly buy at the regular grocery store. I have a feeling that my hope of becoming more adventurous in the kitchen this year will be highly influenced by her recipes.

She also happens to be my boyfriend's sister-in-law. So, it was extra fun to hang out in the kitchen with her. Cooking. Talking. Getting to know each other a little better. We made marshmallows (yes! homemade marshmallows! Who knew?!?) and I even got to witness the creation of a super yummy galette that we ate with the guys for dinner. Overall a big win. Homemade marshmallows. Hot chocolate. Galette. Great company. The way a Saturday should be.

PS - The marshmallows were not as hard to make as I thought they would be. They were tons of fun and I already have some really great ideas about what else I could do with them - different colors, filled cookies, cake decorating. I have a feeling I'll try to make these again sometime (soon).

PPS - The marshmallow recipe was adapted from a recipe on Smitten Kitchen. I'll leave Natalie to post the kitchen details.

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  1. Um, this sounds AMAZING!!!

    Also, I heart galettes :)