March 21, 2011

A Woman's Touch

Shortly after I had this beautiful diamond ring on my finger I started making myself a little more at home in my fiancés house. Usually, when I'd help him straighten up his space before people came over I'd just do a little dusting here, a little pile straightening there, nothing extensive, nothing game-changing.

The weekend after our engagement the shift began. I was dusting in the living room and moved some books from here to there, found a new home for a picture frame, altered the angle on some stereo speakers. Little things.  When I was finished I went into the kitchen where he was cooking up a yummy meal and his roommate was leaning against the counter eating Raisin Bran. I told him that I may or may not have moved a few things around. He looked at me a bit aghast and, as his roommate noted that he knew this day was coming, said "Have you been holding back with the organizing!?!? Don't hold back! Organize!" While I was relieved, I shouldn't have been surprised. One of the first things that he invited me to do back when we were figuring out this whole dating game was to come over and organize his kitchen.
Our dishtowels

Now, I'm full of ideas for little touches here and there. We recently picked out new flooring for the kitchen and between that and registering for pretty kitchen towels, I can't wait to move in this October.

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  1. I am in love with those towels! Darling!