March 14, 2011


It's been one of those weeks. And I'm trying not to whine. I'm probably going to whine a little bit anyway. Who am I kidding? This post is one giant whine-fest. Heads up: this will be gross.

Last Friday I found this growing on my bedroom wall behind a dresser:


My landlord came over and tried to clean it up. My wonderful fiancé built be a containment area so that the spores couldn't get to me. I started sleeping on the couch.

I kept sleeping on the couch. A few days passed. I ventured into the containment area to inspect. I looked closely, a few new bumps. Was that there before? Not sure. The plastic from the containment was coming down on it's own already, so I finished the job and cleaned with all sorts of fabulous cleaning products. I rejoiced at the idea of sleeping in my bed again.

And then...I found this.

New mold under the window sill. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Back to the couch I went. This time, only for one night because I packed up Ike and we set out for safer ground. Ike is spending some quality time in his future home. I'm staying on my old roommate's couch. (Her couch is WAY comfier than mine for sleeping.)

I'm really blessed to have a fiancé who takes care of my puppy and good friends who let me sleep and breathe in their non-moldy air. In the end, it will be just fine. But for right now, ew.

Also, today it snowed. SNOWED. My coat is at home with the spores. Boo.

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