March 18, 2011

Slow. Simple. Intentional.

Life is busy. I think it's the word I use more often to answer the ever-dreaded question "So, how are you?" The strange thing is when people ask me what's keeping me so busy it's hard to tell them. It boils down to life. My life is busy. I feel like I'm rushing from place to place, work to home to work again with few precious moments to stop, take a breathe and enjoy the moment. I feel like I've been swept away and caught up in a strong current, landing where the river puts me instead of being intentional with my time.

A friend recently shared this article with me and I think that Margie describes the very tension I've been feeling in yearning for a slower life. Go ahead, take a minute. Read it. It's beautiful.

I was just talking to Justin the other day about our breakfast eating habits. He takes the time to make himself a breakfast meal most days. Scramble some eggs. Make toast. French-press some coffee. Sit. Read. Eat. He says it's part of his life strategy to slow down a bit. I, however, have always been the opposite. My coffee maker is on a timer and brews while I'm in the shower. I pour my to-go mug and grab a granola bar on my way out the door. I either eat lunch at my desk or run errands and eat in the car. But, when I picture the life I would like to have in my head it's not like that. It's not rushed. There is time. Time to read. Time to cook. Time to nap, garden and be. Time for friends to stop in for dinner. Time to pause and really listen when I run into a friend unexpectedly. I want a slower life. Less rush, less stuff. More people. More room to live in.

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