September 16, 2011

Barns, Weddings and Pies - Oh My!

My friend Jen got married last weekend! Jen and Chris had their wedding at Kuhs Estate and Farm in Spanish Lake. It was beautiful. Every last detail from hay-bales covered with quilts under the old oak tree for the ceremony to the gorgeous wildflower bouquets lining the dinner table was full of love, care and style. Straight off of a pinterest pin board. I definitely should have taken some pictures....I was too busy eating the amazing food from Entre and the homemade pies from Jen's friends and family.

Speaking of pie...I made not one, but two pies on Saturday! An apple for the new Mr. and Mrs. and a peach (without cinnamon) for my Mr. I was a little nervous about all this pie making, but it was a breeze thanks for the Pie Tutorial from Pam recently featured on the Pioneer Woman's blog. I mean, she makes a mean meatloaf so I figured her pie crust had to be worth a shot! (Seriously this meatloaf is amazing. Also, I wish I could watch her new TV show. Here's hoping its on the internets soon!)

I followed Pam's instructions to the letter. I used all better though since Leaf Lard isn't something I have any idea on how to find. Also, lard kind of grosses me out. The parchment paper for rolling out the dough is brilliant. That Pam, she's a thinker and I will be using this method for every pie I ever make. Ever.


  1. Hey! Where is the photo of the finished pie? I wanted to lick my screen. :-) I'm very impressed by you. I saw that tutorial and was completely intimidated by it (and like you, a little squeamish about the word "lard").

    Can we have a phone date this weekend?

  2. So I really made to take a picture of the finished pie. And then...I ate it. Ooops. Don't worry more pies have been requested and are in the works. Stay tuned for something with berries and also chicken pot pie. Yum.

    Yes, let's have a phone date! Email me. Call me. Can't wait to talk to you.