September 19, 2011

This weekend we ...

1. Stumbled upon a roadside Volvo show hosted by the local chapter of the Volvo Club of America. I see membership in our future. We left with some official official gear and I think Justin is already dreaming of getting Ness* all dolled up for next year's show.

*Ness is our 1989 light blue Volvo 240 station wagon. She's more than a car...she's a lifestyle.

2. Walked up to the Dogtown Street Music Festival and St. James Homecoming picnic with the boys and some friends. The highlight of the music festival is a toss up between the man who was enthusiastically playing the spoons and the man who didn't seem to realize he was playing the hammer dulcimer out on a street corner. Also, I think that St. James has the exact same rides out for kids that they did in 1987 when I used to go with my Grandma Hessbabes. Also that lady working the car ride looked familier, too....

Please note that someone is still wearing their Volvo pin.
3. Scored some absolute classics from the records that were donated to my parents' church record sale. Four words: Baby, I'm-a Want You.

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  1. Haha, so fun! We'll have to join you guys at the music fest next year. :)