September 15, 2011

Pizza & Plates

Last night we ate some very delicious end of summer pizza on our new plates!

Goat cheese. Yum. Yellow Zucchini. Yes, please. Sliced cherry tomatos. The perfect pop of color. Not only was it tastey, but also so pretty on our fabulous and newly gifted white dinner plates (Thanks Sarah, KC and Mel!).


  1. Tell me you're not eating on your wedding gift plates.

    Ok, well...I may have to raise a guilty hand here. (We decided that if we were both using the item together, we would be allowed to use said item: dinner plates when we ate together. But something like, new towels that only I would use, since I was the only one who lived in the apartment were not allowed.) :)

  2. Well....we're using like...everything (sheepish grin) Except bedding. That waits of course. 32 days.