December 12, 2010

My Tall Drink of Water

I'm not sure if you are aware, but someday I'm going to write a book. It will be about my family and it's tentatively entitled "My Family: You can't make this stuff up." Subtitled: "Names have been changed to protect the guilty." My Tall Drink of Water, that's what Cousin and I decided this chapter should be called.

Saturday my boyfriend met my dad. That's right. It was a big day, but, you know, one of those big days that you try not to make into a huge deal. Keep it light. Keep it relaxed. No biggie. Even though, we all know, it's a pretty big deal, more than medium-sized at least.

My father is great. Really. He is. He didn't used to be, but, now, he is and I am so grateful for that. He's kind, welcoming and charming. I knew my gentleman would like him and I knew my dad would like my guy. They had to. It wasn't that part that I was nervous about. It's just that, well, my dad, he says what he's thinking. His filter is do you say?...turned on all that time. The first time he met my sister-in-law he asked her if other ladies hit on her since she had a short haircut. Nice, dad. Very PC. (For the record, her hair cut was super cute.) If you are not horrified and nervous on my behalf then, well, I just don't know what to say.

We arrived mid-morning. Introductions when smoothly. Dad even remembered his name (there was some concern here). We exchanged pleasantries. Then, just when I had begun to sigh my sigh of relief, it happened. We were walking into the kitchen for an early lunch before we got cozy in the mini-van and headed off to Little Sister's basketball game. Dad looks my guy up and down and exclaims "Erin, he sure is a tall drink of water!" Cringe. Blush. It's true, my guy, he's handsome and tall - basically wonderful. I could have gone without the comment though.

Oh well, on the scale of potential embarrassment that the day held, I think it went very well. This girl cannot complain. I escaped without major embarrassment and they loved him. He whispered their dog (a major accomplishment - Teddy's a biter), he fixed the computer, he made my step-mom laugh, sat through my ten year-old sister's basketball game, and appeared interested when my twelve year old brother told us about his robotics tournament.

On the way home my dad texted me with his "two thumbs up." Phew. Family introductions are nearly complete. Only one set of grandparents and a few random cousins, aunts and uncles to go. Sigh. I'm glad we're in this together.

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