December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I love traditions. Sadly over the years, many of the traditions of my childhood have come and gone. We don't pretend that Santa sneaks in with presents while we are gone at Midnight Mass. We don't cram the entire Mueller family into a three room (that's room, not bedroom) house and eat Grandma's burnt turkey and cauliflower with cheese sauce. I was ok with seeing that one go, but I'm glad to say that St. Nicholas Day lives on.

Every year we'd put out our shoes and, every December 6th, we'd wake up to shoes stuffed with Minty Bells and a new ornament. St. Nick, as he was known in our house, didn't leave anything extravagant, but those Minty Bells were the best, and I loved hearing the story of the true Santa Claus. Even after I was mostly a grown-up, out of college and on my own, my mom would find a way into my apartment and stuff my shoes full of yummy surprises or mail off a little box marked "DO NOT OPEN until St. Nicholas Day."

This year, I wanted to share the St. Nicholas tradition with my fella. And, since I don't have easy access to his regular shoes, I went back to my roots and crafted it up. I found this easy tutorial for paper shoes on doodlesandnoodles and set to work. I think it's a win.

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