December 5, 2010

Merry Early Christmas!

This Saturday was pretty much a perfect day. I slept in...until 10! That's huge. Usually sleeping in is around 8 o'clock for me. I had fallen asleep on my couch so I woke up in front of my Christmas tree. That's the best. I had a mug of the best coffee. I wrapped Christmas presents.

I cleaned the house (I even mopped the floors...well, that was after I found the sign of an old enemy. Luckily I think the little turd dropped out of the vacuum and his friends haven't moved in.) I took a leisurely shower. And that was all before lunch! I think somehow God made my hours expand or something. When I went to pick up my favorite fellow after lunch, the day only got better.

Somebody may or may not be very patient about opening presents. Package #1 had arrived earlier in the week and somebody else may or may not have been able to wait to give it to me. I didn't mind. (Insert grin here.)

My own tea making supplies! These aren't off-brand tea bags either. No way, this is fancy stuff!

A personal tea pot. Isn't it cute? There's enough room for two steaming mugs of tea. Three kinds of tea - spearmint, Irish breakfast and rooibos vanilla. Yum. Sugar crystals. They're so much prettier than your plain old run of the mill sugar - and so tasty.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I have had 6 cups of tea in the last 20 hours.

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