September 30, 2010

Doughnut Decisions

Dough. Icing. Glaze. Cream custard filling. I'm sorry to do this to you, but if I'm craving doughnuts you might as well be, too.

Every morning this week on my drive in to the office I've fought a serious battle of self control. Luckily the doughnut shop near my house only takes cash and I never carry any anymore. I want to call in sick to work and make these. On Tuesday I almost drove 25 minutes out of my way to hit up my favorite doughnut shop in all of St. Louis: the Donut Drive In. Even the doughnuts with sketchy blue icing at the gas station were tempting when I stopped to fill up my tank. Troubling to be sure.

This all got me thinking about self-control (for obvious reasons, I hope). What kept me out of the Krispy Kreme line? Knowing I wouldn't be so happy with doughnuts two hours later. Picturing myself at my brother's wedding in three weeks with an extra two pounds around my middle. (And now the, less-logical, snow ball thoughts.) It's strange where your mind will go when you're making a simple doughnut decision, but I make these choices everyday. Do I want this enough to explain to my spouse someday why I was willing to go into debt to buy it? Little decisions like what I eat and the impulse purchases I make at Target add up.

Self-control and accountability. So important. Thinking things through helps me make choices that I'm not ashamed of and that are the best for me, not just in the moment, but for the long haul.

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