September 15, 2010

I heart Google Docs

Praise the Lord for Google! Is that allowed? I hope so. Google makes my life better. It makes my email awesome, managing my calendar easy-peasy and (best-of-all) dealing with a gazillion (yes, that's a number) documents at work not too bad.

Top 5 Reasons why Google Docs gets two thumbs up from me:

  • Number 5 Anywhere. Anytime. Since Google Docs is hosted online, I have all my stuff at my fingertips anytime I'm online, from any computer, from anywhere. Love it. Need to look up an address on the go - no problem! My 'address book' is a Google spreadsheet I can pull up on my iPhone.
  • Number 4 Oh, folders. They make me so happy. Google Docs lets me organize all my work into folders that I can color-code and share (see #1). 
  • Number 3 Colors! I know, it's silly, but this is me. We know I'm a dork who loves color coding. It's true. It's one of my favorite things on the planet. Whenever I can fit anything into categories and put nice, neat, pretty color coded labels on them if feels like all is right with the world. Google Spreadsheets has one of my favorite excel formulas built right in: Change colors with rules. Love it.
  • Number 2 Forms. Who knew?!?! Google forms are freaking awesome. Gather the info you need in a snap and have it automatically formatted into a beautiful spreadsheet for your sorting pleasure. See how my friend Kara put Google forms to work for her while planning her wedding here.
And....drum roll please.....
  • Number 1 Sharing. We learned about sharing in kindergarten. It's amazing that it's taken the wonderful world of documents this long to catch up, but Google has done it. Sharing makes life happy. No more emailing seventeen different version back and forth all day long with tiny updates. No more loosing the latest version headaches. Sharing. It's tried and true.


  1. 1) I heart Google Docs.
    2) I need to know more about this Forms business.
    3) I also need to know more about this changing colors with rules business.

    Educate me, my fellow color-coding friend!

  2. Forms are A-MAZING and Colors with Rules will change your life. Google Doc Help offers some great tutorials :) Have fun!