November 2, 2010

Making A List

...and checking it twice.

Is it too early to be making my Christmas List? I feel a little guilty, but really it all began because I started shopping for others. That makes it ok, right? Well, maybe because I need to add $10.47 to my Amazon cart to qualify for Super Saver Shipping so I started thing led to another...

Also, I really need new socks. These are pretty, but I'd love these just the same. Oooo....or RocknSocks. I heart RocknSocks. Is it pathetic that I'd really love new socks for Christmas? Talk about a great stocking stuffer.

Doesn't painting your nails make you feel pretty? Wouldn't you love an excessive amount of OPI colors in your polish box? I would.

I've also been dreaming of a French Press ever since I saw my dear friend Beth this summer. Throw in some beans from Topeca or Kuva and I think I could kick off the New Year wide awake.

And...if I were wide awake, I could make a really, really tasty breakfast with a lovely cast iron skillet. I might also make some Goat Cheese Drop Biscuits.

I guess, while I'm asking, I might as well tell you I could use a few of these cookie sheets and I wouldn't mind a beautiful blue Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven. I'm not even sure what I'd make in that yet, but I know I could come up with something good, like this.

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