November 12, 2010

Surprise Visit

The only thing better than having old friends strewn across the county is when one of them lands on your front door.

Old friends make the best surprise guests - especially if you were once roommates, because you don't have to flip out if your bathroom floor hasn't been mopped in a while and if all you have left in your refrigerator is half an onion, a Diet Dr. Pepper, expired milk and a couple eggs. (Yes, it's time to go to the grocery store.) So it was when Sara stopped in for a visit last night.

Things I love about Sara:

1. The girl can SING. You should check her out and buy her latest CD. She's going places. You can say I told you about her way back when.

2. She doesn't ask me about the weather. A conversation with Sara is sure to be honest and real. 

3. She makes a great hostess. This summer all the roommates gathered at her house for days of talking and eating and general merriment. 

Having one of these ladies around brings a piece of all of them a little bit closer.


  1. This is precisely why you need to surprise me by coming a day earlier for the upcoming holiday.

    I promise I will act surprised.

  2. I bet you have a great "surprised" face. Wish I could make that happen.