November 29, 2010

So much Thanksgiving. So little stomach.

I think I'm still full.

Yea...we're cute.

Wine. Handsome guy stoking the fire. Smile.

Thanksgiving day with my family. Boyfriend meet the crazies. All in all it was quite tame. I shouldn't have been worried. Aunts remained sober. Embarrassing childhood photos were kept at a minimum. We came. We ate. We were on the road before the tryptophan could put us down.

A beautiful drive set to the smooth sounds of Jon Yerby.

Oklahoma bound! Three days that could arguably demand that this post be re-titled "How much can we eat in 72 hours?" Turns out the answer is - a lot. A whole lot. Chocolate cookies. Banana pudding. Oyster stuffing. Garden eggs. Lasagna. Blueberry french toast. More garden eggs. Turkey sandwiches. And that was just the first stop.

Cow babies!

Then it was off to Tulsa. More family. More food magic. Taco Bueno (which is, in fact, bueno), duck, ribs from Jameel's, pecan pie with whiskey sauce (yes - whiskey sauce!!). We also managed to fit in two trips to Jamba Juice and a quick pop-in at Topeca Café in honor of Momma West. I almost forgot the biscuits and bacon gravy (mmm....I hope Nanny is willing to do that every year). Oh and Schlotzsky's. Ah geez. Thinking about all this food again makes me want to take a nap.

Wish you were there, momma! 

All in all, a really great trip. Meeting the extended families part one concluded and, I think, a big win. This girl is excited about part two coming in two weeks. Watch out Peoria. Here we come. We're on a roll.

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