November 6, 2011

Photo challenge debacle

Free advise: Do not start a 30 days photo challenge the month of your wedding or another major life event. It's a silly idea. Project officially postponed until the new year.

But, for now, how about I share a few of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon in Seaside, Florida? Will that do? Can we still be friends?

This is us on the roof deck of the house we stayed in. Roof deck, people. Roof deck.

The above mentioned roof deck. Yes, those are raspberry martinis. Yes, this was the perfect happy hour.

The house came equipped with a dream kitchen. This Le Creuset pan was rarely left in the cupboard.

Sugar sand!

1 comment:

  1. Your digs were super cool! Why doesn't my place have a Le Creuset pan and rooftop patio?