November 27, 2011

Pumpkin Stacks (A.K.A. Whoopie Pies)

The whoopie pie trend has been sweeping the blogosphere for a while now. About a year ago was the first time I'd heard of them when my friend Kara tweeted a picture of a red velvet and cream cheese variation. I was immediately intrigued. I'm game for anything red velvet and it looked delicious. A couple weeks ago my husband suggested that I give making some of them a shot - although, for the record, originally he insisted that we call them sandwich cookies as he doesn't like their given name. I will admit that he and a friend have come up with a few other, less-wholesome, names for this sweet treat. None of which are appropriate to list here (even though, as much as I'd like to say they aren't, they are pretty funny). From here on out we will call them Pumpkin Stacks.

For the record, I thought these were going to be terribly hard to make and quite time consuming and, although, they weren't the easiest thing I've ever made, they sure weren't hard and they were pretty fun to bring to a party. People loved them.

I followed the Brown Eyed Baker's recipe for Pumpkin Whoopie Pie with Maple-Cream Cheese filling to a tee. Her instructions were great and super easy to follow. I will say that I completely forgot to chill my pumpkin filling, but that didn't seem to matter. The icing made much more than I needed for my whoopie pies, so if I make these again I'll be sure to have something else on hand that I can use it with (it would be really delish with some chocolate cupcakes).

Even though I don't know that I'll make this particular recipe again (it was pretty sweet), I'd really like to try something chocolate or pistachio flavored. Anyone have a good recipe to share?

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  1. I have a mini gingerbread whoopie pie recipe that I'm planning to try. I'll let you know if they turn out well.